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KEVIN x RYOMA -- The Likely Pair

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FanFiction: One Step [Jun. 3rd, 2007|12:00 am]
KEVIN x RYOMA -- The Likely Pair


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Title: One Step
Co-writer: Aventria
Genre: General, Humor, Romance, Drama, Future Fic
Rating: M
Warning(s): Occassional Language, Sex, Mature Themes, Angst (at times)
Status: On-Going
Chapter(s): 27
Words: 199,937
Reviews: 870 and counting
Character(s): Seishun Gakuen Team, Kevin Smith, Hyotei Gakuen Team, Rikkaidai Team, Fudomine Team, several other characters
Pair(s): TezuRyoFuji; InuiKaidoh; OishiEiji; MomoKaidoh; one-sided RyoKev; slight one-sided AtoRyo; AtoJirou; SanaYuki; KevOC
Summary:Seigaku won the Nationals championship. Shortly after, the seniorsgraduated. Echizen Ryoma went back to the U.S., setting his eyes tofurther heights. The perfect tennis team was no more. At least, thatwas 2 years ago. Enter Seishun Gakuen High School, sister school ofSeishun Gakuen Middle School. Re-enter our favorite brat prince. Thisis where the new story begins and the old story continues.

Just repromoting. Almost finished, this one. Already planning either a sequel, or a follow-up tie-in story, or a NEW story. (Gotta keep the fandom strong and kickin'!)

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