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KEVIN x RYOMA -- The Likely Pair

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Don't You Forget (Chap.1) [Jan. 7th, 2007|11:31 pm]
KEVIN x RYOMA -- The Likely Pair
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Title: Don’t You Forget
Author: June_tears (a.k.a. I.Write.Sins.Not.Tradgedies. on FF.net)
Rating: PG (With a few lame-o undertone implications if you pay attention ;) )
Genre: Romance, with just a pinch of angst and humor on top
Summary: Smith is smitten (Lol, I feel like Hikaru Amane) with Ryoma. Just watch him suffer, PG-wise anyway. Oh, it’s a songchapter as well. “It’s my life” is by No Doubt (well they technically don’t exist anymore, so it’s owned by Gwen Stefani now, I guess)
Disclaimer: I don't own Tennis no Oujisama and I never will.