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KEVIN x RYOMA -- The Likely Pair

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AAP FanFiction Writing Group [Sep. 12th, 2006|01:35 am]
KEVIN x RYOMA -- The Likely Pair


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Anime Alliance Philippines is establishing their own fanfiction writing group in FanFiction.Net and is currently searching for writers who would like to become members and contribute to the community.

In this community, not only will writers find time and opportunity to interact with fellow writers throughout the world, fellow anime fans and avid readers eager to devour new stories, but also showcase their own literary work. There will also be events where writers will collaborate to form one great story following a formulated plot from brainstorming, polling and voting throughout the group.

As a member and a pioneer, I am encouraing people to join and help us out. This is a two-way relationship; it will not only work for the community's benefit, but for your benefit as well. Lots of opportunities open up as the community broadens.

For more information, please refer to the links below:

[ AAP Fanfiction Writing Group ]
[ Anime Alliance Philippines ]
[ Anime Alliance International ]

If by any chance you are a writer, interested and wants to join, please leave a comment on this post. Additionally, if you are from the Philippines, please e-mail animeallianceph@gmail.com with the subject "TO: FFD" and tell them you'd like to join. If you are NOT from the Philippines, please e-mail animealliance@gmail.com with the subject "TO: FFD" and tell them you'd like to join.

Thanks a lot for the cooperation! Feedback is very much appreciated.

Anime Alliance is a Philippine-based internationally-branched anime community that seeks to unify anime fans and bridge the gaps of a thousand miles, walking forward towards the goal of giving all anime fans the best experience and striving to achieve anime excellence.

Kiasidira Ixari